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Funding and Support Services

Below is a list of our support services, criteria for eligibility for potential funding and grants. 


Potential Funding:

  • Funding to help you hire youth or apprentices
  • Funding to help train your employees
  • Funding to help you start a time-limited project
  • Funding to conduct research to better support your industry
  • Funding to develop a new program or service
  • And more…

General Eligibility:

  • Non-profit, Society, or Registered Charity
  • Indigenous-led or Indigenous-serving organization
  • For-profit business in the trades or natural resources sector
  • School, school district, municipality, or First Nation

Support Services:

  • Funding Opportunities
  • Research and Planning
  • Grant applications
  • Labour market training
  • Administrative support

Available Funding Streams:

Community Workforce Response Grant

The community Workforce Response Grant program provides approximately $10 million a year in funding for communities and sectors to support short-term (less than 52 weeks) skills training. This training must lead to sustainable employment for British Columbians who are training-ready and seeking to re-enter the labour force or change their employment status.

The Workforce Shortages Stream supports sectors and industries in addressing immediate workforce shortages within the in-demand occupations. It covers 100% of the tuition costs for occupational skills training and employment supports for British Columbians who are currently unemployed, precariously employed, or employed on a part-time or seasonal basis.

Employer Training Grant

The BC Employer Training Grant provides funding to small, medium, or large enterprises to support skills training for their workforces, including prospective new hires.

The intent of this program is to help British Columbians access the skills training required to adapt to the labour market’s changing job requirements, while also encouraging employer involvement in skills training.

StrongerBC future skills grant

The StrongerBC future skills grant (FSG) aims to help British Columbians to quickly get the skills they need to succeed in the jobs of today and the future. The grant waives tuition and program fees for short-term training and provides up to $3,000 per learner.


Offers apprenticeship programs and trades training programs.