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Empowering safety, advancing opportunities:

Aspect is dedicated to creating a safer work environment as we equip individuals with the skills for a secure and thriving future.

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Oil & Gas

Exploration for oil and gas reserves, drilling and completing wells, operating production facilities, refining crude oil, transporting and storing petroleum products, and conducting maintenance and safety operations.


Building residential and commercial structures, remodeling and renovation projects, road and bridge construction, concrete and masonry work, electrical and plumbing installations, and project management for construction sites.


Exploration for mineral resources, extraction of ores, drilling and blasting, operating heavy machinery, processing minerals, and ensuring safety and environmental regulations.


Crop cultivation, livestock farming, agribusiness management, irrigation systems, pest control, food processing, and contributing to global food security.


Receiving, storing, and organizing goods efficiently, managing inventory, order fulfillment, packing, shipping, and maintaining a well-organized warehouse operation.


Production of goods ranging from automobiles, electronics, textiles, and pharmaceuticals to food and beverages. Involves assembly, fabrication, quality control, supply chain management, and continuous process improvement.


Includes tree harvesting, reforestation, forest management, wildlife conservation, sustainable logging, and wood processing.

Supervisor / Management

Enhance your supervisor and management skills with our comprehensive training page. Develop expertise in health & safety, business management, and leadership skills, improving effectiveness and career prospects.


Bridging Safety & Opportunities: Aspect Safety – Empowering Remote Communities Since 2019.

At Aspect Safety, our passion is safety, and our mission extends beyond it. Since our establishment in Kitimat, BC, we’ve been on a journey to bring heavy industry training to underserviced organizations and communities in remote areas. Through our expert on-site training and convenient online courses, we now serve most of the province, with a dual focus: fostering secure work environments and enhancing employment prospects for those in remote regions. Join us in building a safer, brighter future for all.